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We're all in and build close relationships with our founders.

We're all in and build real relationships with our founders

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Deep Surface. Automated vulnerability management.

DeepSurface is a risk-based predictive vulnerability management platform helping contextualize vulnerabilities within a company’s unique digital infrastructure.

Tim Morgan
James Dirkesen

DOKKA. AI data extraction & document management

DOKKA automates the collection of documents, extraction of data, creation of bookkeeping entries and reconciliations.

Adoram Yarden
Emil Zak
Eric Edelstein

Glossai. AI video editing

Glossai is an automatic editor that can cut, resize, and index long-form video. This provides marketers with engaging content for social media at minimal cost and lag time.

Ofer Familier
Eyal Koren
Adi Paz

Illumex. Semantic Data Fabric.

Illumex helps manage & normalize data across complex organizations, allowing AI applications to be implemented correctly.

Inna Tokarev Sela

Keywise. Emotional health fitbit.

Based on years of NIH research at University of Illinois, Keywise can analyze a phone keyboard for an accurate gauge of emotional wellness.

Allan Baw
Alex Leow, MD, PhD
Raeanne Moore, PhD
Olu Ajilore, MD, PhD

YonaLink. Clinical trial automation

YonaLink uses AI to automate the transfer, conversion, and verification of clinical trial data.

Iddo Peleg
Gav Martel
Itai Rechnitz
Gil Meir